My Friend on the Net

by Hot Dad

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When my best friend calls, I get giddy, yes
Because my best friend is located on the internet
The 1s and 0s, our relationship, digital bliss
Sharing affection through software installed on hard disk

My friend on the ‘net, eager to message me
Streaming super fast, our WiFi growing stronger

Hey, what’s your SSID? Mine is #IHopeYoureHavingaWonderfulDayFriend

My friend on the ‘net is buying pitchers of digital drinks
My friend on the ‘net is eager to share what they honestly think
My friend on the ‘net is wishing me a good day and night, too
I’ll never forget all of the kindness from my friend on the ‘net

I promise not to let you down, my friend on the ‘net
Even if you’re cybersick, take you to digital clinic
Help you move all your files, when you sign new lease
Tuck you in, wrap you up, in virtual sheets

You don’t compress my pix, you send me memes when I’m lonely
Software dentistry, a bluetooth installed so we can speak

Hey, friend, I was just calling to say I really, really, really like that hedgehog you have as your background

My friend on the ‘net is 3d printing our friendship rings
Whenever I’m sad, they always download a smile quickly
My friend on the ‘net, holding open virtual doors for me
I’ll never forget all the compassion from my friend on the ‘net

Yes, you’re my friend, my friend on the ‘net
If you needed help, I’d help you I bet
Hope when you rest, your dreams are pleasant
You always give me credit when stealing my content

My friend on the ‘net is sharing locally sourced tasty cyber meats
Our friendship tree grew from a handful of digital seeds
On my screen and in my mind, I think about you all the time
You always click me back, you exclusively use Windows XP
I couldn’t ask for virtual more

My friend on the ‘net, we’re sharing so many digital drinks
(I just got you your favorite drink)
My friend on the ‘net is eager to never stop tellin’ me I rock
(You rock)
My friend on the ‘net is wishing me a great day and night, too
(Have a great day and a great night too, friend)
I’ll never forget all of the hashtag blessed, my friend on the ‘net
(Being with you is like hashtag blessed)

Whoa-oa-oa, my friend on the ‘net
Whoa-oa-oa, my friend on the ‘net


released June 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Hot Dad Ann Arbor, Michigan

I make emotionally-charged weird music.

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