1. Christmas Argument

  2. The Garbage Ape

  3. Non-Sex Healing

  4. You Are My Only Friend

  5. fren

  6. My Wife

  7. The Fightin' Soy Boy

  8. Buying Stuff

  9. 3 Second Rule

  10. I Never Wanted You

  11. Let's Talk About Ham

  12. I Wanna Be Your Keyboard

  13. Children Love the Meat Tank

  14. The Among Us Song

  15. Vibration Hercules

  16. We Should Kiss America

  17. Build the Flag

  18. I'm a Believer (2020 Remaster)

  19. Livin' La Vida Loca

  20. Pay 4 My Kiss

  21. The Chowder Man

  22. Believe in Yourself (Arthur Theme Song

  23. Now That's What I Jack Off About

  24. I'm in the Void

  25. Fitness Boy

  26. Zongs (The Early Demos 2013-2014)

  27. Bernie Sanders (2020 Mix)

  28. Crazy Bread

  29. Christmas Pain in Christmas Town (feat. Dave Pino)

  30. Synthdown

  31. I Love To Hit "Like"

  32. BS Shit

  33. Big Money Salvia City (The Instrumentals)

  34. Big Money Salvia City

  35. I Love to Piss

  36. J

  37. Weed the Bong

  38. The Game Zone

  39. A Christmas Shortcut

  40. Now That’s What I Call Hot Dad’s Music

  41. My Tape

  42. Big Spooky Salvia

  43. Teens and Their Damn Smartphones

  44. The Problem (Lies in My Son and Wife)

  45. Elon Musk (Cars in Space)

  46. The Video

  47. Suckin' on My Tendies

  48. Rabbits Are (Cool and Fun)

  49. John Mayers Ripped Off My Videos

  50. Keep Your Money in a Wallet

  51. Two Shits, One Fuck (2018 Remaster)

  52. Mac DeMarco (2018 Remaster)

  53. This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song for Shania)

  54. Just Tell Me What Font to Pick (When I'm Making Websites for Kids)

  55. I Like Love

  56. The War on Christmas

  57. Word Sports

  58. My Sweet Jax

  59. I Can't Get Google

  60. Wrestle (Remastered)

  61. Can You Talk to People Around the World on the Internet

  62. Never Not Fuck

  63. I Should Have Made a Song About Fidget Spinners

  64. Burger King

  65. My Friend on the Net

  66. Know Your Meme (feat. Crib Def & FrankJavCee)

  67. If U Reply

  68. what means sex?

  69. The Birth of My Daughter Changed My Life

  70. Hanging out With Cool People Rocks

  71. Fieri

  72. I Really, Really, Really Like This Image

  73. Bring Me All of Your Teeth

  74. Too Much Fun

  75. Penis Tip

  76. A Taco Bell Christmas

  77. A Taco Bell Christmas (Blue Satellite Remix)

  78. Christmas Slam Dunk

  79. Woman Titles

  80. Bob Dylan

  81. Philip DeFranco

  82. I Don't Have a Sense of Smell

  83. My Grandson

  84. An Ode to Kenneth Bone (the Big Bone Slam)

  85. Sometimes I Make Shit That Rocks (Blue Satellite Remix)

  86. Sometimes I Make Shit That Rocks

  87. I Love Never Changing My Clothes

  88. Hypnospace Is Cool

  89. Fun Time Laser Intercourse Beasts

  90. Hardee's (I Wanna Go and Eat At)

  91. Harambe (Back to Life)

  92. Pokémon Go (Poké Don't Stop)

  93. Gambling for Kids

  94. Big Money Salvia

  95. Undertale

  96. Tim Heidecker

  97. R.I.P. Meme
    Hot Dad ft. FrankJavCee

  98. The Star Wars (I'm in Love With)

  99. Jack's Films

  100. Soda Drinker Pro

  101. KFC (Waiting for Me)

  102. Wrestle

  103. TV

  104. Are President

  105. PewDiePie

  106. Booty Ball

  107. Songs I Made for Others

  108. The h3h3 National Anthem

  109. McDonald's (Is the Place)

  110. Two Shits, One Fuck

  111. No Sex, No Laid

  112. I Just Wanted Team to Win

  113. PPL

  114. Webs

  115. the byob vaporwave

  116. Fuck You (Riding in Car)


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