Fun Time Laser Intercourse Beasts

by Hot Dad

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i was taking your girlfriend to laser beach
sparkling hot sand and a glimpse of her triple d's (tits)
she said "i'm so glad that you brought me here today"
my huge and slimy meat stick was ready to play

so we walked and we walked cuz we needed a bed
for 8 million, 269 thousand miles
did you notice I said "69" like when you put your lips on the other person's genitals?
and you won't fucking believe what comes next
no, it's not me, i didn't come yet

we get to a bridge and there's a dude on guard
on a totally unrelated note he's eating a snickers bar
he looks at your girlfriend gets so stiff and hard
a bunch of fucking lasers shoot out of his fucking arms

he says "hey loser, is that your girl? i'm totally prepared to rock her world.
by rock her world, i definitely mean fuck
i'm gonna fuck your girl with my veiny, meaty cock"

so i look at his cock, and it's smaller than mine
i realize that i can fuck at any place and time
i'm optimistic, i'm filled with fuckin' hope
dick, dick, cock, sack, boner, tits, balls

i'm not feeling squeamish so i really grip his penis
i hold it, WHACK, from hard to soft just like that
your girlfriend says to me "i never knew you were so badass"
i told her, "sweetheart, i'm the Master King Dick Lord of Fuck"

"I'm here to penetrate your holy temple... with my boner-dick"

"my cock is 69 inches long so i hope your vagina can swallow my schlong
i don't wanna hurt you with my huge fuckin' meat"
"my vagina is 70 inches at least"
so i scream and i go balls deep!
so i scream and i go balls deep!

now i'm fuckin your girl, vagina feels so good! it rocks to have sex so fuckin' much!
we float up in the clouds, there's laser werewolves and machine gun vampires flying all around in magical spaceships
And everybody wants to join our fuck, so we let 'em fuck!

And they were the fun time laser intercourse beasts! The fun time laser intercourse beasts!
They like to suck! But they they love to fuck!
They love the boobs and vaginas, too
And they were the fun time laser intercourse beasts! The fun time laser intercourse beasts!
They'll fuck for you! They’ll fuck you, too
They fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck!


released August 30, 2016
Mastered by Andrew Maury



all rights reserved


Hot Dad Ann Arbor, Michigan

I make emotionally-charged weird music.

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