Weed the Bong

by Hot Dad



I light it up inside my living room
4/20 blazin’ puts the smoke in you
(The dopest clouds you’ve ever seen)
The bubbles pulse, green river, flowing truth
This custom glass piece, pretty badass, dude

Weed the Bong

I light it up inside an ancient tomb
The spirits blazin’, vapin’, dabbin’, too
(A hella reefer sesh you’ll never forget)
A higher power, dank flower, it chooses you
Blessed puffs, gold chronic, nugs renewed

Weed the Bong

Weed the Bong-ong-ong
Dream of strong kush
Blunt in mouth, hit, pass
Ganja planet
Weed the Bong

Weed the Bong


released April 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Hot Dad Ithaca, New York

I make emotionally-charged weird music.

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